Whether authentic and all natural or as a glamorous Diva: Whoever stands as a model in front of the camera for M17, always has a perfect make-up as the basis of a perfect photos. This is guaranteed by our make-up artists and stylists. Because beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the quality and we guarantee quality results for professional shoots, especially for our customers in the beauty area and producers of hair care and cosmetics. For professional beauty photography, all ingredients must be perfectly matched by type specific make-up and hairstyling for the appropriate setting and situation to specific lighting and of course the photographer who knows his craft. Last but not least, a professional photo editing and digital workflow.
People and beauty photography, M17 captures the beauty of the subject in the picture and makes it desirable for the viewer. We expose the beauty of man/woman and beauty products from the beginning in a spectacular manner. From idea to image.