The right equipment, contemporary technology and professional equipment – the right tools are the basis. A few words about technology: it’s about means to an end. No more, no less. Good photography is still a question of lighting, the right perspective and staging of moments. Good photography is done by good photographers – this is the key factor.

  • Camerasystems:    Canon, Hasselblad, PhaseOne, Sinar. 
  • Digital formats:      high-resolution high-end digital back parts by Hasselblad and PhaseOne to 80 Mio.
  • Light systems:        BRIESE, Broncolor, Profoto, Elinchrom

This studio is especially well suited for video recordings, big productions with vehicles or animals or fashion products and ambience shoots with lots of set construction. Events with up to 400 people can take place here.
560m² studio area 28m x 20m   - 8.25m ceiling height – can be completely darkened - 4m x 4m panoramic window (daylight) - accessible for cars and lorries - 10 x 16 ampere power current – 2x 32 ampere power current – 32m coving background across a corner (14m x 18m x 8m) – motorized ceiling sail 10m x 6m (California Sunbounce) – mobile light walls (8m x 5m und 6m x 4m) – set design workshop – forklift with workbox – sectional door 3.5m x 3.5m – PA sound system – 10 post-production work stations – direct access to M17rent, lounge, studio lounge and meeting room.

This studio is especially suitable for TV-productions, fashion shoots, food photography, events and workshops of all kinds for up to 150 people.
240 m² studio area- 8.25 ceiling height - can be completely darkened - 6 x 16 ampere power current –  seamless background across a corner 7m x 6m - forklift with workbox - PA sound system – 12m food-kitchen – cold store – food deco storage - 4 post-production work stations - direct access to M17rent, lounge and meeting room.

This studio is particularly well suited for workshops, food design, food photography and ambience shoots.
300m² studio area with daylight – 3.90m ceiling height - can be completely darkened - 4 x16 ampere power current – 2 panoramic windows – designer photo kitchen – terrace – loft studio with fireplace - PA sound system – conference/seminar room for 25 people – freight elevator – guest WiFi - 3 post-production work stations - PC-to-TV

This studio is equipped with cutting-edge robot-technology for 360°- und 3D- photography and recordings. Clothes display on a model or torso, even a washing machine – everything is movable. There is enough space for classic lying goods.
100m² studio area – 3.60m ceiling height – 6 x 16 ampere power current - 3D/360°- robot-technology with rotary plates up to 1.80m - 2 post-production work stations

Studio 5 is absolutely soundproof and ideal for productions that require complete silence.
50m² studia area – 3.70 ceiling height – cladding with sound insulation – 2 x 16 ampere power current - internet

This area is centered at the heart of our studio and is perfect for a quick espresso or macchiato in between. The lounge can also easily host up to 80 people – to celebrate a completed project or any event.
Professional cooling counter and bar - PA sound system – pool table – projector with screen 3m x 2x – lounge sofa – spacious bar area – automatic vending machine for tea, hot chocolate and different varieties of coffee – ice-cube machine

This room is located on the first floor with access to the studios 1, 2, 3 and the studio lounge. Designed for workshops, conferences and briefings, it offers space for 25 people.
Conference table with chairs – HD video projector - PC-to-TV – refrigerator – coffee vending machine

The make-up room has space for 6 models and stylists and is adjacent to the make-up room.
Clothes racks – torsos in different dress sizes – 4 full-length mirrors

The hair and make-up room including top-notch equipment has space for 25 models, stylists and make-up artists.
16 make-up workstations (12 mobile) – 2 hair washbasins – coffee vending machine - PA sound system

30m² equipped fitness area for warming up before sports- or acrobatics-shoots. Also suitable for ending a stressful workday and taking your mind off everything else.

The building is surrounded by 8000m² of fenced property that can be secured by an electric gate system with an entrance barrier. This protects your products, your equipment and also your privacy. There are 30 free parking spaces available. The outdoor premises are ideal as an outdoor photo- and filming-location.