Behind the scenes… you will find only real professionals working at M17. Professionals who are passionate about their craft and understand our customers implicitly. There is hardly anything that they haven’t built for photo productions: sumptuous villas, shabby chic, stylish lofts, summer ambience. Thanks to our professionals you can’t tell the difference between realistic reproductions using patina in the studio or the original. A well-practiced team of painters, carpenters and electricians realize even the most challenging customer’s requests creatively and competently. Reaching from simple mobile screens to extensive landscape sets. M17 offers full service for sets, props and set design – fast, top-quality and very reasonably priced. Together we realize your ideas with visual concepts und solutions that present your projects perfectly. The right framework for a successful shooting often needs to be put together within a tight schedule: thanks to best contacts that’s no problem for M17. Our studios are equipped with comprehensive tools and aids: even complex wood- synthetic material- or metal-work can be crafted quickly. Our set crew can transport you to the world that you desire.