Flying cameras are the perfect creative solution for breathtaking advertising photography and recording. Image, company presentation … with spectacular photo- or video-recordings of architecture, events, details of specific objects, documentations … image control and camera work are performed live from on the ground by our operators and ‘pilots’. So pictures can be monitored in real time during the flight. Uncommon and exceptional perspectives and camera panning are guaranteed. The camera is tiltable in the microcopter and enables unlimited freedom when it comes to choosing camera angle and panning: intuitive image control and managing of camera movement included. Pictures of your own residence, construction monitoring, event- or control- flights with thermal imaging camera for big solar fields: the possibilities are almost limitless.

GPS support and many other factors guarantee perfect recordings. M17’s technically sophisticated microcopters are multi-functional and versatile: under the open sky or indoors.
Top-quality photography and recordings – from as yet unimagined perspectives and angles. With M17 you can board a high altitude flight: at lower costs than you imagined.