A photo shooting begins before the actual photographs. Detailed preparation is crucial for post-production and the quality of the outcome. Post-production focuses on retouching, color corrections and image optimizing. Our full service naturally includes skilled first-class retouching. We are able to reliably eliminate the most diverse problems with prototypes, perspective deviations, surface damage or unflattering proportions. Subsequently, we prepare the images, adjust the color values according to demand and will deliver contract proofs if requested. We know all about the requirements concerning perfect image display for print, web & co. Our professionals working on the post-productions are equipped with plenty know-how and instinctive feel and are exceptionally good at realizing complex compositions and optimizing meticulous images. We’re very experienced in beauty retouch and do so with a sure hand and also in-house. Disturbing picture elements are removed, skin blemishes smoothed over. We pay special attention to making the retouch look natural and in keeping with the original, authentic visual impression. Perfect products carry the signature of M17.