Of living, lifestyle and ambience, everything around one´s own home is currently one of the hottest topics. As well as the most requested amoung retailers, manufacturers and customers. Whether living or lifestyle, tablecloths to pots, carpets to TV or noble to extra stylish, successful sales presentation starts with good photos. Detailed shots for catalogs, brochures, POS and of course your online store. Photographic representation of goods and products of all kinds are in the spotlight. These are proper promotional stands. Product photography is beautiful but must especially sell! Just because products are static, the staging of these particular products are of great importance. The first impression makes a product appealing to a customer. The light or arrangement, will catch the eye from a different point of the product, there it is decided what is important and what is unimportant. The image information follows the motif: First create a photo in your catalog, then an image in the mind of the customer. Imagery must therefore convey authenticity, emotional appeal and awaken desire.
With M17 experience behind your photos your customers lifestyle will come alive, be stylistic and especially strong selling!